Safety notes

Solids: Snowflakes and Bubbles

Possible hazards to be discussed with the teacher BEFORE the visit:

  • Water is used in the first demonstration because both the solid and liquid forms can be handled safely by the children. The original contents of the spray bottles are NOT suitable, so the bottles and spray heads must be washed thoroughly.
  • For the activity with counters or washers etc, the items used should not be so small that they might be swallowed. Washers are good because they have a hole in the centre which would allow air through if swallowed. Pennies are so familiar they unlikely to be tasted.
  • The bubble raft experiment uses washing up liquid which is safe for hands.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the water is not spilled on the floor causing a child to slip.
  • If the children suggest that they would like to make bubble rafts in the bath, they should be warned that an adult should make the hole in the bottom of the yogurt pot.

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