Safety notes

Light: From bonfires to lasers

Do not use laser pointers as some of them are not safe.

It is dangerous for the children (or anyone else) to look at the Sun.

Light sticks:
If the outer casing of a light stick is punctured the fluid is hazardous because it:

  • May contain tiny shards of glass
  • Should not be in contact with eyes
  • Should not be ingested
  • Can cause irritation
  • May cause an allergic reaction
  • May stain clothing, skin etc and should be washed off with soap at once

Light sticks cannot be reactivated once the chemical reaction has ceased and should be disposed of so that small children cannot have access to them.


  • Make sure that mirrors do not have sharp edges
  • When using the large mirror hold it personally and do not ask the children to help
  • Use plastic mirrors if possible for group work
  • Do not reflect sunlight with mirrors. If sunlight is reflected into a child’s eye it can cause damage

Fasten the colour disc to the mixer or fan securely so that it does not fly off.

The Christmas tree lights are connected to the mains electricity supply and so should not really be handled by anyone while powered. To make this safe (and to emphasise the risk) the hand holding the lights should be protected by wearing a rubber washing-up glove.

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