Safety notes

Forces and gravity: Is gravity real or does the Earth just suck?

Possible hazards to be discussed with the teacher BEFORE the visit:

  • Bricks are heavy and have sharp edges – ensure that the brick does not fall out of or through the bottom of the box onto toes.
  • Toys and items brought in for children to handle to show forces should be safe - check that there are no sharp parts, that springs are secured and there are no places where fingers can be trapped.
  • Straws present a hygiene hazard - do not reuse or allow them to be passed round.
  • Mystery box could cause children to hurt their fingers on the string.
  • High range forcemeters may be unsafe for small children – avoid forces greater than 10 N.
  • Parachute investigation (extra): any activity which might cause objects to be thrown can present hazards. The risks are small if the paper parachutes are dropped carefully. Children must not be allowed to stand on chairs, desks or above stairwells without adequate supervision to drop the parachutes.
  • Hazard – stopping something moving can injure.
  • Risk – small for slow, light objects - high for fast, heavy ones.

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