Electricity generation: Part 2

Energy for the future

Suitable for years 4,5 and 6.

The presentation has been developed at the request of primary schools and follows logically from the presentation Electricity Generation Part1: Magnets and Lemons.

The time for the basic session is about 1 hour.

Outline of content
Aims to explain that:

  • Everyday we use large amounts of electricity
  • Huge generators are needed
  • Generators can be turned by steam from water by boiled by energy from:
    Nuclear power
    The Earth
    Rotting waste
  • Generators can also be turned by:
    Moving water
  • Energy from the Sun can be used
  • A reaction called fusion, which takes place in the Sun, will be used in the future
  • All of these have advantages and disadvantages

Points to note:
Please read the notes about safety and agree the assessment with the teacher before the session!

Cross references:

  • Activities
  • The slides in the PowerPoint presentation (2.6 MB) are referenced in the table.
  • The PowerPoint presentation can be running throughout the session.
  • Apparatus details are provided and are linked to the relevant sections.

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