Safety notes

Electricity: Robots and electric eels

Possible hazards to be discussed with the teacher BEFORE the visit:

  • A child short-circuiting a battery so it or a wire becomes hot – the risk of harm is reduced by the choice of cell type. Avoid alkaline or high power cells.
  • A child catching a finger on a crocodile clip - use the miniature ones with plastic covers which cannot open very far.
  • A child swallowing a button magnet - check that the magnets in the magnetic connectors (if used) are securely in place before use.
  • Injury from items to test for conductivity – check that they are not sharp (e.g. a wire coat-hanger hook should be bent round or taped).
  • The 'sound box' and other electronic circuits must be constructed so that they do not present a hazard if they are handled by the children.

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