Activity ideas

Below are some ideas and resources to get you started when planning your own outreach activities. These can be adapted to suit different audiences, venues and the amount of time you have available. More ideas can be found on Good luck!

Physicists in Primary Schools

A range of activities, grouped into 12 topics that physicists can use with primary-aged children. Activities are fun, involve the whole class and mainly use items that are found in the home.

Creative Physics Activities

The creative physics activity pack contains everything you need to run a set of hands-on and creative craft-based physics activities. In the three activities you can make a particle collision mobile, design your own planet and a galaxy sun-catcher.

These activities can work for a variety of audiences on outreach stands at science fairs, county shows and other similar events.

The Women's Institute

We have worked with the WI to develop physics activities that WI members can get involved with. The physics activity pack includes a range of activities that can take place during WI meetings or with any similar community groups.

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