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Below are ideas and resources to get you started planning your own outreach activities. These can be adapted to suit different audiences, venues and the amount of time you have available. More ideas can be found on Good luck!

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Lab in a lorry
Lab in a lorry
is a mobile science lab that gives young people the chance to explore science through open-ended hands-on experiments whilst being guided by volunteers who want to share their passion for science and their curiosity about the world we live in.

To volunteer for Lab in a Lorry, fill in the form on the Lab in a Lorry website

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Physics in the Field
Each summer, physics puts on its wellies and waterproofs and heads to festivals and shows with the physics in society team and volunteers. Balloon kebabs, Alka Seltzer rockets and waterproof hankies are just three of the tricks that keep adults and children alike entertained.

We put out a call for volunteers each spring – to make sure you’re included, email

Evaluations for each event are available on request from


SciCast Physics
SciCast Physics challenged you to make short films explaining a principle of physics in an entertaining way to non-scientists. See the very entertaining results and learn how to make your own films on the SciCast website.

An evaluation is available on request from


Two high tech treasure hunts around the Harcourt Arboretum near Oxford help to highlight how there’s physics in everything – even trees. Using GPS receivers, families locate hidden caches containing physics activities that link to the surrounding environment.

Know how now

Know How Now
Buses across the UK have played host to our eye-catching posters. Designed to get young people talking about how we know these intriguing facts, the posters are supported by information on the website.

Thank Physics logo

Thank Physics
Beer mats in Brighton and Hove pubs have been sparking discussions about physics and technology as part of a campaign which also made use of online advertising and social media. 

Pub goers tested their knowledge of internet, GPS, MP3 and smartphone technology by scanning QR codes or sending text messages.  

Food Physics logo

Food Physics
Residents of Norwich, Gateshead, South Shields and London have been discussing how lipstick affects their beer, whether they can fold a piece of paper more than seven times and how to make a proper cuppa thanks to our thought-provoking beer mats and sandwich bags.

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The WI
The Physics in Society team have been working with the WI to develop physics activities that WI members can get involved with. 

The physics activity pack includes a range of activities that can be done during WI meetings. logo is your guide to the best physics on the web. Whether you’re after the background to the latest breakthroughs in physics, websites that you know you can trust or you want to follow up to an activity you’ve taken part in, is the place to go.

last edited: December 13, 2016

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