Vacuum Group

A Vacuum Physics Group was inaugurated in 1965.

Its success in arranging meetings involving many disciplines besides physics led to the amendment of the name of the Group to 'The Vacuum Group'. The Group continues its endeavours to appeal to as many people as possible in industry and research by arranging meetings covering the widest possible range of subjects.

The composition of the Group Committee reflects the broad coverage of the subject aimed at by the Group, encompassing academics, representatives of vacuum manufacturers and vacuum users in government and industrial laboratories. The Group has been successful in bringing together those engaged in the production and improvement of vacuum equipment with those concerned with its application in such diverse areas as medical physics, large machines for research in the physical sciences, industrial process control and the electronics and semiconductor industries.

The Vacuum Group takes an active interest in education for those working with vacuum technology. The Group maintains close links with the British Vacuum Council (BVC) and the International Union for Vacuum Science Technique and Applications (IUVSTA).

During the past few years, the Group has organised a wide programme of half-day and full-day meetings, some of which have taken the form of workshops or included mini-exhibitions. The group has also actively participated in the Vacuum Symposium UK series of conferences.

The subjects of recent meetings have included:

  • Innovations in vacuum deposited functional metal oxide coatings
  • Essential tools for effective control of vacuum systems
  • Surface analysis techniques (tutorial meeting)
  • Vacuum and plasmas for industry
  • Nanostructured metal oxide thin films
  • Vacuum-based coating technology and applications
  • Functional thin films

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