Thin Films and Surfaces Group Lecture Series for the 2018 calendar year

The Thin Films and Surfaces Group Lecture Series enables universities in the UK to bring an international inspirational surface scientist to give a lecture at their institution, open to all the surface science community to attend free of charge.

We are looking to entice the ‘big names’ in our field and promising Early Career Researchers. The lectures should be aimed to a wider audience beyond a narrow sub-field, will be publicised to all members of the Thin Films and Surfaces Group of the IOP and must be open to attendees outside of the host institution (subject to the capacity of the available venue).

To facilitate this series, funds can be requested from the Thins Films & Surfaces Group to contribute towards the travel costs of the invited speaker. Up to three separate lectures will be funded each calendar year. Groups inviting Early Career Researchers to present their work are particularly encouraged to apply.

The call for funding for 2018 is now open and applications will be presented to the IOP General Fund, provided they meet the rigorous standards of the call and are approved by the TFSG Committee. For this round, funds of up to £300 for a speaker from Europe, or £500 for a speaker from beyond Europe, may be applied for.

Application forms can be requested from the Chair of the TFSG, Dr Andrew Jardine (

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