Thin Films and Surfaces Group

Study of the properties of thin films, surfaces and interfaces is an exciting and technologically important area of physics.

The Thin Films and Surfaces Group, established in 1969, aims to stimulate and support this study by organizing meetings and conferences at which scientists from both academic and industrial environments can come together to discuss the most recent advances.

The Group's general fields of interest are:

  • The electronic, vibrational and structural aspects of clean surfaces and of surfaces with thin adlayers
  • The characterisation of surfaces and interfaces of materials of technological interest by a wide variety of physical and chemical techniques
  • The preparation and growth of thin films and multilayers, and the study of their structural, physical and chemical properties
  • Development and evaluation of new techniques, and the extension of existing ones, for the characterisation of thin films and surfaces
  • Reactions at surfaces, including molecule surface interactions, adsorption/desorption phenomena, surface dynamics and chemical reactions

The current policy of the Group is to organise a major conference on surfaces every two years, and large conferences on thin films as the need emerges. In addition there are a number of shorter meetings held each year to cater for the more specialist interests. Where the subjects of these meetings border on the interests of other groups, they will be organized as joint meetings. Direct interest will be taken in educational matters of interest to members, and occasional involvement in appropriate summer schools is encouraged. In addition to the organization of meetings jointly with other groups, closer liaison is sought with similar specialist groups in other institutes and societies, and joint meetings, where appropriate, will be arranged. A regular Newsletter giving details of relevant conferences organized both by the Group and by other bodies is circulated twice a year.


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