Theory of Condensed Matter Group

The Institute of Physics Theory of Condensed Matter group exists to support the UK research community in the field of condensed matter theory.

This includes - but not exclusively - workers in the areas of electronic structure, correlated systems and many-body theory, and the statistical mechanics of solids and liquids.

The Group aims to foster a community spirit amongst workers in these areas. It works to encourage and promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration among the various groups in the UK primarily by organising and supporting scientific meetings and running a summer school for research students. The Group also plays an advisory role to EPSRC and the Institute representing the interests of the TCM research community at large.

Group Membership
The TCM Group membership currently stands at approximately 300.

We welcome any Institute of Physics members who share the aims and interests of the group.

Committee Membership
We aim to have a committee that reflects the diversity of interests in the TCM community, and the broad geographical location of its members.

Members normally serve on the committee for three years, and are voted on at the group Annual General Meeting. Nominations for new committee members are welcome, and should be sent to the group secretary in good time before the group AGM.

Main activities
The major activities of the group are:

  • An annual one day scientific meeting, with invited speakers and a poster session (with student poster prize). The Group AGM is usually held at the meeting.
  • A two week Theory of Condensed Matter summer school for postgraduate research students held in September. See our website at
  • The Group organises TCM related symposia at the annual IOP CMMP conference, usually one in each of the three mains areas of activity covered by the Group.
  • The Group also organises and/or supports other scientific meetings. Proposals for a workshop or conference are always welcome, and should be sent to the Group Secretary.

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