Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group

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About the group 

Crystallography is an interdisciplinary subject and overlaps with many areas of scientific work. 

What the group does

We played a major role in starting the British Crystallographic Association that encourages the exchange of ideas between people from a wide range of disciplines and represents the interests of the national crystallographic community. 

Our portfolio of interests includes: 

  • data analysis
  • bulk properties
  • instrumentation
  • diffraction methods
  • magnetic structures
  • microstructure analysis
  • crystal structures and their transformations

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Group physics prizes and competitions

Early Career Physical Crystallography Prize

The award is for the best recently published work by a physicist in the early stages of their career in physical crystallography.

The prize is £500 . 

Nominations open later in 2019.

Nominees should:

  • not be in the same department as their nominator
  • be in the first 12 years of their career (allowing for career breaks)
  • be citizens, resident and working, or have done  their submitted work in the UK

Submissions should include:

  • nominee’s CV
  • papers on which nomination is based
  • supporting statement from the nominator

For details and deadlines email

The winner must give a verbal presentation at the spring meeting. 



Dr Mark Senn (Warwick)


Dr Paul Saines (Kent)


Dr Roger Johnson (Oxford)


Mr Jonathan Wright (ESRF)


Dr Christoph Salzmann (Durham)


Dr Laurent Chapon (ISIS)


Dr Matt Tucker (Cambridge University)


Dr Andrew Wills (UCL)


Dr Jens Kreisel (Warwick)


Dr Mark Harris


Dr Alison Pawley


Dr Kenneth Harris


Dr Chick Wilson (ISIS)


Dr Werner Kaminsky


Dr Simon Redfern


Dr Pamela Thomas


Dr Ross Angel


Dr Martin Dove (Cambridge)


Dr Lynne McCuske

Malvern PANalytical Thesis Prize in Physical Crystallography

The prize is for the best use of techniques or methods of physical crystallography in a successfully examined thesis submitted between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2018.

Physical crystallography science must be central to the work, which must also demonstrate a context over and above structural work for its own sake. 

The nomination deadline is 10 May 2019.

Submissions should include: 

  • copy of the thesis in electronic format
  • personal statement of not more than 500 words explaining why the thesis should be considered for the prize with a clear description of the role of physical crystallography in the research
  • contact details of two academic referees, one of whom can be the thesis supervisor, who can comment on the thesis research

Eligible areas of study include:

  • materials science
  • solid-state chemistry
  • condensed matter physics 

Nominees must be a member of the Institute’s Structural Condensed Matter Group and/or the British Crystallographic Association’s Physical Crystallography Group.

Non-members can enter but must join one or both groups at the student rate to progress their application. 

The winner must: 

  • present a 30-minute talk about their PhD work
  • be interviewed by PANalytical for an article in X’Press magazine 

Email nominations to group chair Dr Anthony Phillips

The prize will be awarded at the 2019 winter meeting in November. 



Lewis Owen

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge for The analysis of Local Structural Effects in Alloys Using Total Scattering and Reverse Monte Carlo Techniques,


Pu Zhao

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge for The Structure-Property Relations of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework 7 for Carbon Dioxide Capture.


Andrew Cairns

Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, for Mechanical and Configurational Degeneracy in Transition Metal Cyanide Materials.


Josh Makepeace

Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, for Light Metal Amides for Hydrogen Storage and Ammonia Decomposition.


Alexander Hearmon

Department of Physics, University of Oxford, for Neutron, X-Ray, and Optical Studies of Multiferroic Materials.


Mark Senn

Department of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, for Charge, Orbital and Magnetic Ordering in Transition Metal Oxides.


Lucian Pascut

School of Physics, Bristol University for Neutron and Resonant X-ray Scattering Studies of Low Dimensional Quantum Magnets.


Stuart Bland

Department of Physics, Durham University) "X-Ray Scattering Studies of Charge and Orbital Ordering in Transition Metal Oxides"


Helen Maynard-Casely

Department of Physics, University of Edinburgh for The new Mineralogy of the Outer Solar System and the High-Pressure Behaviour of Methane


Aurora Cruz-Cabeza

Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, for On the Prediction, Rationalisation and Discovery of New Crystal Forms.


Lars Lundegaard

Department of Physics, University of Edinburgh, for High-Pressure Difraction Studies of Rubidium Phase IV.


Lynne Thomas

Department of Chemistry, University of Glasgow for Disorder in Substituted Benzenes by Combined Diffraction and Computational Studies.


Andrew Goodwin

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, for Dynamics from Powder Diffraction


Dominic Fortes

UCL, for Crystallisation of Ammonia Hydrates under High Pressure.

Physics resources

Annual conference and physics events

Our conferences cover a very wide range of topics and their relationship to crystal growth. In recent years they have dealt with:

  • magnetism
  • diffuse scattering
  • physical properties and their
  • incommensurate and modulated phases 

Conferences are organised in association with other groups and societies. We actively encourage collaboration with societies and groups with related interests.

Find group events on our events portal.


December 2017 (PDF, 122KB)
November 2016 (PDF, 148KB)
Autumn 2015 (PDF, 287KB)
Spring 2015 (PDF, 361KB)
Autumn 2014 (PDF, 549KB)
Spring 2014 (PDF, 349KB)
Autumn 2013 (PDF, 486KB)
Spring 2013 (PDF, 215KB)
Autumn 2012 (PDF, 674KB)
Spring 2012 (PDF, 867KB)
Autumn 2011 (PDF, 2MB))
Spring 2011 (PDF, 159KB)
Autumn 2010 (PDF, 313KB)

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Learn more on our joint MediaWiki page for the Physical Crystallography Group and Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group.

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