Group prize

The Plasma Physics Group is responsible for the following prizes:

Coordination of the Culham Thesis Prize
Awarded to a candidate who has displayed excellence in the execution of the scientific method as witnessed by the award of Doctor of Philosophy in Plasma science from a UK or Irish university.

Poster prize
Awarded to the the students presenting the best poster presented at the Plasma Physics Group annual conference.

Company prizes
The opportunity exists for companies to create a small prize to award for a poster at the Plasma Physics Group annual conference. In return the company receives advertising in the conference material.

Rutherford Plasma Physics Communication Prize
Awarded to those who exemplify excellence in outreach to the general public through the communication of plasma physics to those that are non-experts. The prize is judged by a distinguished panel of scientists and communicators with the winner announced during the annual IOP Plasma Physics Conference. The application procedure requires evidence of excellent communication skills and discussion of the impact of the activity. Past applications have seen examples such as creating a website, giving a talk or lecture, writing an essay or an article in magazine, blogging or producing a podcast or video.

The group also submits nominations for Institute awards such as the Young medal and prize.

For further details about these prizes please contact the Group secretary.

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