Previous winners

Previous winners of the Printing and Graphics Science Group Student Presentation Prize.

Beth Kazmierski

Durham University
'Inkjet Patterning onto Patterned Substrates'

Ashley Johns
Durham University
'Inkjet Printing of High-Molecular-Weight Polymers via Emulsions'

Sheida Faraji

University of Manchester
'Low-voltage, flexible organic transistors using novel solution-processed nanocomposite dielectrics'

Javier Ledesma Fernandez
University of Nottingham
'Jetting of conductive pastes for printed electronic applications'

James Bannock
Imperial College London
Scalable Droplet Flow Techniques for the Controlled Synthesis of Semiconducting Polymers

Andrew Musser
University of Cambridge
Singlet Exciton Fission in Unconventional Systems

Alexander Webb
Durham University
'A Nanocomposite Printable Ink with Non-Linear Touch Sensitive Electrical Conductivity'

Anja Hamblyn
Swansea University
'Fighting Visual Artefacts with Microcells in Flexography'

William Beer
Swansea University
'An investigation into the effects of surface roughness on pyrotechnic print reliability'

Felice Torrisi
University of Cambridge
'Ink-jet printed graphene electronics'

Ann Fenech
University College London
The work showed the effect of degradation products from archives on “traditional” silver halide colour photographs.

Sungjune Jung
Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge
“The full history of spreading of an inkjet-printed drop on a wettable surface” showed some wonderful animations of printed drops.

Wassim Kaimouz
Heriot-Watt University
For his work on Integrated solution for inkjet printing of cellulosic textiles substrates.

Pia Matikka
London College of Communication
For her work on Improved Prediction of Image Quality – The Relationship Between Appearance Attributes and Aspects of Image Quality.

Philip Bowles
London College of Communication
For his work on The Visual Appearance of Image Reproduction on Coloured Substrates: Quantifying the Effect of Partial and Chromatic Adaptation.

Raimundo Constantino
For his work on Effects of Machine Variables on CD Shrinkage Profile of Paper.

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