PAB Group Prize Winners

For Outstanding Professional Contributions

2014 winner

Christopher Prior

For his seminal contributions to the mathematical modelling of intense particle beams — in particular for his development of novel simulation methods and codes; for his generation of innovative accelerator concepts; for his educational and intellectual leadership; and for his many related contributions to the success of state-of-the-art accelerator facilities in the UK and around the world.

Ian Gardner

Ian Gardner

To Ian Gardner for his many innovative contributions to the physics and engineering of high-power proton accelerators and beams - and in particular for his development of RF systems for spallation neutron sources, for his leadership in design, delivery and operation of successful solutions for NIMROD, ISIS, ESS and other projects, and for his significant contributions to steering the development of major national and international accelerator facilities.

Prize winners

Prof Neil Marks

For his many innovative contributions to the physics and technology of magnet systems for particle accelerators and beam lines.

Neil is widely known both in the UK and overseas and the official citation mentioned a whole series of projects on which he has had major impact, including SRS, ESRF, Diamond, ALICE and EMMA. In addition he ran the Cockcroft Institute postgraduate training programme and he himself has also lectured frequently at both the CERN and Joint Universities Accelerator Schools.