Award recipients

Winners of Nuclear Industry Group Prizes


2017 – Career Contribution Prize

Steve Curr: for over 40 years of contribution to the nuclear industry; starting as an apprentice at ‘Rolls-Royce and driving his career through numerous leadership roles, playing a key role in the core design for the Dreadnought Class boats and delivering substantial training to engineers in the nuclear industry (amongst many other activities).

2016 – Career Contribution Prize

Photo of Kevin Hesketh

Kevin Hesketh: for over 40 years of excellence in technical research within the nuclear industry; for service to international initiatives and bodies; and for contributing his extensive knowledge for the benefit of others throughout the industry.


2016 – Early Career Prize

Photo of Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca Houghton: for her excellent work for the NDA on the future strategic direction for management of radioactive material stockpiles in the UK, to be proposed to the Department for Energy and Climate Change.


2015 – Career Contribution Prize

David Weaver: for dedicating over 40 years to research and training used by the nuclear industry, making significant contributions to both.

2015 – Early Career Prize

David Hughes: for his leadership of a team to develop a suitable decay heat methodology with associated validation and uncertainties associated with the proposed Sizewell B Dry Fuel Store.

2014 – Early Career Prize
Chris Holland: for his work on Lower Ports Nuclear Analysis project for the ITER fusion reactor.

2013 – Early Career Prize
Rhodri Morgan: for his leadership of the development of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy as a tool for the monitoring of nuclear waste packets.

2012 – Early Career Prize
Craig Shearer: for his work to develop a practical system using cosmic-ray muons to analyse the contents of Intermediate Level Waste containers.

2012 – Career Contribution Prize
Alan Copestake: for his contribution to the development of computational methods that have enabled the design of a generation of light-water nuclear reactors for submarines.

2011 – Early Career Prize
Lindsay Cox: for her innovative approach and leadership in establishing and promoting the practical application of Muon Scattering Tomography detection techniques capability.

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