Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Group

The Group was formed in 1981 following the need felt for its existence due to the development of interdisciplinary activity in various branches of mathematical physics, especially in general relativity, quantum field theory and statistical mechanics.

Techniques from one subject were being used in another and the concepts originally specific to one were now becoming of fundamental importance in others. It was originally started as the Mathematical Physics group; unfortunately since that time this area has been defined more narrowly, and we have now adopted a more inclusive title.

Mathematical and Theoretical Physics may be defined as `the use of mathematics in the solution of physical problems'. This covers nearly all areas of physics and certainly all of theoretical physics. To delimit it somewhat from other related Groups, the activity of the Group is limited to those areas in which advanced mathematical techniques are useful, or in which theoretical tools are used which have an impact on a wide area of physical disciplines. Within mathematics, such areas as graph theory, group theory, functional analysis and measure theory, functional integration, solutions of non-linear equations, differential geometry and topology are just a few areas covered by the Group. Application of these areas of mathematics would be particularly relevant in classical dynamics, relativity and gravitation, quantum field theory, nuclear physics, statistical physics, the physics of continuous media, quantum computing, and other emerging areas.

The Group collaborates with other Groups and Divisions in areas of common interest such as high energy particle physics, computational physics and condensed matter physics, as well as with other organisations such as the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Since Mathematical Physics, in the widest sense, falls somewhere between two major disciplines, the Group aims to maintain a high profile for the subject with funding bodies and other influential groups.

Any member of the Group without regular access to the internet is invited to write to the Honorary Secretary who maintains a list of those who require paper copies of news about Group activities.


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The Annual General Meeting of the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Group
Minutes of the AGM, 15 December 2011, University of Glasgow

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