Useful links

A list of useful sites relevant to those interested in the Medical Physics Group

The following presentations were given at ‘Translational Techniques’ (IOP, November 2013) 

American Institute of Physics' Special Topic: Physics of Cancer

The following presentations were given at MPEC2012 (Oxford)

The Lancet: Physics and Medicine, April 2012
The series of articles in The Lancet given context by IOP President Peter Knight’s paper “Physics and medicine—two tips for a long and happy marriage” [The Lancet 21 April 2012 (Volume 379 Issue 9825 Pages 1463-1464 DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(12)60603-5)] combine national and international viewpoints from leaders in many aspects of physics applied to medicine. 

Here are a selection of links that lead to the articles or comment on them, gathered for your convenience: