Medical Physics Group

The Group was formed following consultations with the Institution of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), a high proportion of whose members are medical physicists and bioengineers in clinical practice.

The Constitution of the Group differs considerably from other Groups in order to allow all members of the IPEM to participate in its activities. The IPEM also nominate representatives to serve on the Group Committee.

  • To identify areas of physics with potential for medical applications;
  • To encourage physicists whose areas of work appear to have medical potential;
  • To collaborate with clinical physicists and engineers in order to benefit from their experience of clinical problems;
  • To identify and progress areas of training and education, related to medical physics, which would benefit from such collaboration.

One of the significant advantages of collaboration is in the field of education, where the Institute and the IPEM have complementary accreditation activities in 1st Degrees and higher degrees/training in Medical Physics. The IPEM has in place a Continuing Professional Development scheme. This helps members extend and develop their knowledge and competance throughout their career. In the present funding climate the medical applications of physics can demonstrate social relevance leading to real products and markets. MPG has produced a set of teaching materials and leaflets for schools.

The first General Meeting of the new Group was held in September 1996 during the IPEM Annual Scientific Meeting in Leeds. At this meeting the Constitution and Rules were ratified and the first Honorary Officers and members of the Committee elected. Since then the Group have organised several scientific meetings, these include such topics as education, training, professional development, technology transferand environment.

The Group also organises the popular annual scientific meetings on Simulation and Modelling Applied to Medicine.


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