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The Institute of Physics Medical Physics Group interests and activities relate to all areas of physics with potential for medical applications to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

These include, but are not limited to the conventional imaging modalities (x-ray, radionuclide imaging, ultrasound, MRI etc.), therapeutic interventions (radiotherapy, ion beams, proton therapy, targeted radionuclide therapy etc.) and dose distribution calculations as well as research and current developments in areas such as Nanomedicine, molecular imaging, new drug delivery mechanisms, image-guided and adaptive radiotherapy, radiobiology, personalised medicine and emerging imaging techniques and technologies.

The Group promotes Medical Physics and the interests of those in the field and encourages exchange of ideas and collaborations between academic and clinical physicists and engineers and clinicians with the aim of addressing diverse clinical problems. The Group is also closely involved in training and education programmes related to Medical Physics in the UK and Ireland and is active in supporting and organising scientific meetings.


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