Materials and Characterisation Group

The Group has a relatively large membership drawn from a wide range of interests, both industrial and academic, with an appreciable number of overseas members.

Such a diverse spread of interests and considerable overlap with other Groups and outside bodies means that the Committee has to pay great attention to planning meetings. To assist this task members are canvassed for their suggestions.

The style of meetings varies widely and major meetings are usually organized in co-operation with other Groups and outside bodies. Of particular interest are our review meetings which cover the principles and applications of various techniques, such as thermal imaging, spectroscopic techniques, electromagnetic and magnetic methods of NDT, ultrasonics, etc. These meetings are particularly useful for members new to a field, or engaged in related fields. Another popular type of meeting is where the latest ideas and advances in a particular field are reported and discussed.

Many members of the Group are engaged in technologies and engineering of various kinds, and there is sometimes interest in discussion of the basic physics of new (or even old!) processes, techniques and materials. On the other hand, some members engaged on theoretical aspects of a subject welcome expositions of empirical techniques.

New members are very welcome, as are suggestions for further themes for meetings.


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