Materials and Characterisation Group

The Materials and Characterisation Group aims to foster activities in the fields of materials and material characterisation within the IOP. Our large group membership includes academic, industrial and governmental research organisations, both nationally and internationally based, a clear reflection on the breadth of the (often multidisciplinary) field.

Broadly speaking our interests cover:

  • The properties and application of materials, old and new
  • The manufacture, modification and extraction of materials
  • All types of material characterisation including physical, electrical, optical and elemental
  • Development of materials characterisation techniques and applications

An important objective for the group committee is in organising and supporting meetings that cover the interests detailed above. We are always keen to hear of ideas for future events from Group members, please contact a member of the committee if you have a suggestion. The committee can usually offer assistance in the organising, running and advertising of an event, and may be able to provide financial support and/or a Group prize as an award.  Details of Group supported events can be found on the calendar.

We also produce a newsletter at least once a year, which includes; reports on recent Group activities, conference feedback from students we have offered financial support to help them attend, along with news of relevance to the Materials and Characterisation Group community. If you would like to submit a contribution to the next newsletter, please feel free to contact a member of the committee.


The current issue of the Materials and Characterisation Group newsletter


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