Report on CRIM 2013

Meeting report: Current Research in Magnetism (CRIM) 2013

Held at Queen Mary University of London, September 9th 2013

Current Research In Magnetism (CRIM) is a symposium organised by the IOP Magnetism Group focused on topical research being carried out in all areas of magnetism in the UK, from the fundamental mechanisms all the way to applications.

This year, the 1 day meeting was held in the Mathematical Sciences Building at Queen Mary University of London, with 19 talks (half of these delivered by PhD students) and 7 posters on a very broad spectrum of UK magnetism research activities. For example, there were talks on how magnetic nanoparticles can be used as a cure for various cancers and as a diagnostic tool for various ailments (such as spinal injuries); we heard that clinical trials on human beings are underway. Other pertinent examples that were presented are: ultrafast spin dynamics; a discussion on the problems and solutions to a new generation of electric motors; micro-magnetic modelling of magnetic domain walls; spin spring dynamics; and artificial quantum magnetism in ultra cold atoms.

There were 43 researchers attended the meeting, with all levels within academia represented (PhD students, postdocs, academic fellows and permanent academic staff) from many of the most active universities in the country (Cambridge, Imperial, QMUL, Oxford, UCL, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kent, Leeds, Exeter, Birmingham, York and Durham). There was one international speaker (from Technical University Kaiserslautern), a researcher from the two Diamond Light Source and two  industry researchers (from TWI Cambridge), who were keen on setting up links with university researchers to from joint collaborative projects (and teams from QMUL and UCL will visit TWI over next few months).

Lunch and coffee was funded by the IOP Magnetism Group. A wine reception was funded by the Materials Research Institute at QMUL.