Simon Memorial Prize: past winners

Peter Wölfle

For fundamental contributions to the theory of quantum transport processes in superfluid 3He, heavy fermion superconductors and disordered metals.

Sergey V Iordanski

Nikolai B Kopnin

For their calculations and predictions of the fundamental forces acting on quantised vortices in superfluids, superconductors and other ordered systems: The Iordanskii force and the Kopnin force.

Yasunobu Nakamura

Jaw-Shen Tsai

For their pioneering demonstration of quantum coherent behaviour in a macroscopic object and for their subsequent explorations of quantum coherent physics in a series of novel superconducting devices.

2004 - Grigory Volovik

2001 - Giorgio Frossati

1998 - George R Pickett and Anthony M Guénault

1995 - Alexander F Andreev

1992 - Olivier Avenel and Eric Varoquaux

1989 - Richard A Webb

1986 - Yuri V Sharvin

1983 - David Olaf Edwards

1981 - Anthony James Leggett

1976 - David Morris Lee and Douglas Dean Osheroff and Robert Coleman Richardson

1973 - Peter Kapitza

1970 - Walther Meissner

1968 - Kurt Alfred Georg Mendelssohn

1965 - John Charles Wheatley

1963 - Henry Edgar Hall and William Frank Vinen

1961 - I M Lifschitz

1959 - H London

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