The Simon Prize 2008

Yasunobu Nakamura

Yasunobu Nakamura was born in Japan in 1968. He was educated in the Department of Applied Physics in the University of Tokyo, Japan. He received his Bachelor degree in 1990 and a Masters degree in 1992, focussing on high-temperature superconductivity. In 1992 he joined the Fundamental Research Laboratories of the NEC Corporation, Tsukuba, Japan, becoming Principal Researcher in 2001 and a Research Fellow in 2005.  Since April 2007 he has been a Research Fellow at the NEC Nano Electronics Research Laboratories. In 2001 Yasu spent a year as a visiting researcher at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and from 2002 he has held a parallel appointment as a researcher at the Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Laboratory at RIKEN, Tsukuba, Japan. He received the 1st Sir Martin Wood Prize for Quantum coherence in a Cooperpair box in 1999 as well as the 1999 Nishina Memorial Award for Observation and Control of Coherent two-level systems by using superconducting elements and was a corecipient of the 2004 Agilent Technologies Europhysics Prize for Demonstration of quantum bits using superconducting circuits together with Daniel Estéve, Hans Mooij and Michel Devoret.

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