Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions Group

The aim of the Group is to provide a forum where workers in research, be it in industry or academia, concerned with the interaction of energetic particles with solids can discuss new investigations, ideas, concepts, data and applications in this field of physical study and technological development.

The Group has interests in all topics relating to the interaction of charged or neutral particles with a solid. This includes the fabrication of materials and devices by plasma, ion and atom beam methods, the equipment for producing these species, and the diagnostics for controlling the processes. Other topics include energy-loss process and ranges, radiation damage, sputtering, ion-induced electron emission, ion channeling, pulsed laser deposition, plasma assisted CVD and atmospheric plasmas. Investigation of solids and surface probing by use of ion beams including, for example, atom location, and also the principles and use of ion implantation for doping of solids.

One-day meetings organized by the Group are held several times each year and usually each meeting is devoted to one specific aspect of the Group's interests. If possible the meeting venue is a centre where relevant research is being carried out, so that part of the day may be occupied in touring laboratories. The Group also contributes to the annual Technological Plasma Workshop and Vacuum Symposia meetings.

The Group has strong continuing links with industrial and academic laboratories and works closely with other Institute Groups, notably the Plasma Physics, Thin Films and Surfaces, and Vacuum Groups. It is the Group's practice for its committee always to comprise personnel from both industrial and academic organizations.


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