HEPP Group Science in Society Prize Winners

  • 2016: Dr Suzie Sheehy (STFC ASTeC/Oxford University)
    For outstanding public engagement in accelerator science and particle physics
  • 2015: Harry Cliff
    For his work as Curator and Head of Content for the successful "Collider" exhibition and other outreach work with the Science Museum, CERN, and the Cavendish Laboratory
  • 2014: Tom Whyntie
    For his work establishing nationwide the CERN@school programme that has brought CERN technology into the classroom
  • 2013: Alan Walker
    For outreach reaching over 100,000 people through a variety of exhibitions, public events and talks.
  • 2012: Ben Still
    For public engagement through blogs, art collaborations and school outreach, particularly in the field of neutrino physics
  • 2011: Mark Stockton
    For his work on developing the Minerva package for International Masterclasses
  • 2010: Brian Cox
    For publicising particle physics in the popular media, particularly with BBC TV and radio programs
  • 2009: Alan Barr
    For popularisation of the LHC across the media
  • 2008: Nicolas Delerue
    For outreach and his role as a Science and Engineering Ambassador for the Oxford Trust

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