IOP HEPP Group Prize 2014: Justin Evans (University of Manchester)

The 2014 IoP HEPP Group Prize is awarded to Justin Evans of the University of Manchester for his world-leading contributions to the measurement of neutrino oscillations at MINOS using the Fermilab NUMI beam.

Justin was responsible for the analysis of data collected by the MINOS experiment that led to the first direct observation of muon anti-neutrino oscillations and the world's most precise measurement of the larger neutrino mass splitting. He now leads the search for sterile neutrinos on MINOS+. Justin also coordinates the construction of the tracking detector for the double beta decay experiment SuperNEMO and has initiated the UK membership in the IceCube/PINGU experiment at the South Pole. PINGU aims to make the first determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy, which is also a fundamental property of neutrinos.

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