Conceptual understanding: Beyond diagnostic testing

University of Warwick

Department of Physics
21 October 2011

11:00-11:25Arrival and Coffee
11:30-12:15Metaphors and misunderstandings: addressing student misconceptions Professor Derek Raine, University of Leicester (PDF , 4 MB)
12:15-12:35Common trends in FCI results: a cross-institutional analysis
Dr Marion Birch, University of Manchester (PDF , 2 MB)
12:35-13:10Conceptual change using the perspective of threshold concepts: evidence from economics Professor Peter Davies, University of Birmingham (PDF , 237 KB)
14:10-14:30What they don't know they don't know Ally Caldecote, University of Warwick (PDF , 44 KB)
14:30-15:30Designing and assessing modelling activities for enhancing conceptual understanding Dr David Sands University of Hull (PDF , 728 KB)
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-17:00Using students’ spontaneous reasoning to guide the design of effective instructional strategies Professor Paula Heron, University of Washington, Seattle, USA (PDF , 717KB)