Portrait of Dr Hugh Mortimer


  • Dr Hugh Mortimer MInstP
    Senior Research Scientist
    Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Portrait of Dr Sally Brown


  • Dr Sally Brown AMInstP
    University of Southampton

Portrait of Ms Mhairi Coyle


  • Ms Mhairi Coyle MInstP

Portrait of Dr Alec Bennett

Ordinary Members

  • Dr Alec Bennett MInstP
    Bristol Industrial & Research
  • Portrait of Dr Simon Buckle

  • Dr Simon Buckle FInstP
  • Portrait of Dr Hugh Deighton

  • Dr Hugh Deighton CPhys MInstP
  • Portrait of Dr Paul Green

  • Dr Paul Green MInstP
    Senior Research Scientist
    National Physical Laboratory
  • Portrait of Dr Christopher Lavers

  • Dr Christopher Lavers CPhys MInstP
    Brittania Royal Naval College
  • Portrait of Dr Jarlath Molloy

  • Dr Jarlath Molloy CPhys MInstP
  • Portrait of Dr Claire Ryder

  • Dr Claire Ryder AMInstP
    Research Scientist
    Reading University
  • Portrait of Dr Stefan Smith

  • Dr Stefan Smith MInstP
    Reserach Fellow
    University of Reading


  • Dr Liz Kalaugher
  • Dr Ann McDonagh AMInstP
    Postgraduate student
    Leeds, Engineering
  • Mr Guillaume Wright AMInstP
    Institute Of Physics Publishing