Environmental Physics Group

The Environmental Physics Group was formed in June 1990 and now has over 600 members.

Environmental Physics, as its name implies, is the application of the principles of physics to problems in the natural environment. Members of the Group are drawn from areas as diverse as geomagnetism and agriculture. Physics can never be taken in isolation when dealing with environmental problems. It does however play a pivotal role in exploring, monitoring and above all understanding the world we live in, and our effects on it, both on local and a global scale.

The fundamental aim of the Group is to promote physics within the context of the environmental sciences. In achieving this aim we provide a forum for the discussion of physics as it applies to the environment and encourage the development and application of physical methods to environmental research. The Group also encourages the education and training of physicists in the environmental sciences through meetings and contacts with educationalists at all levels. To promote education the Group has a very active Education sub-committee which is involved in the development of curricula in environmental physics for schools. Because of the broad nature of environmental physics the Group is involved in co-operative meetings with other professional organisations with interests in the environment.

The Group is involved in a broad spectrum of activities including one day and evening meetings and visits to environmental research centres. Meetings are aimed at Institute of Physics members with an interest, either professional or personal, in environmental matters. Annual programmes contain a mix of specialist research meetings, often in collaboration with other Groups or external organisations, and more general meetings likely to be of interest to any physicist. The Group is involved with about four or five meetings each year.


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