Anuradha Damale

  1. What is your name and background?
    My name is Anuradha (or Anu), and I graduated with a BSc in Physics from Durham University in 2017.  I am currently undertaking a postgraduate degree in Science and Technology Policy from the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex.
  2. Title of role?
    Ordinary member/ Diversity officer
  3. Who do you work for/what do you do in your job/what do you want to end up doing?
    I am working towards a career in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, with a focus in governance and security. I’d love to work for a international policy making body, hopefully working towards nuclear disarmament. I also advocate for Women in STEM through various campaigns.
  4. Classify as an early careers member?
    As a postgraduate student!
  5. Why did you choose ECM group…
    I became attracted to this group because I believe it will help Early Career Physicists from a wide range of backgrounds to form a network through which members are informed and/or encouraged to pursue career paths which may not adhere to the traditional research, or pure Physics, path. I, myself, am progressing “horizontally” to other fields of study, and I’m grateful that the Institute of Physics recognise the necessity to support members who may wish to spin-off from the research sector into other, important, fields.
  6. What other STEM or outreach activities?
    I have been writing about Women in STEM, as well as participating in forums about intersectional diversity in the sciences, and I was lucky enough to attend the International Conference for Women in Physics in 2017. This is something I continue to feel strongly about. Hopefully, in my role as Diversity Officer, the ECM group and myself can work towards encouraging inclusivity, as well as promoting a productive dialogue about how to achieve this.

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