BRSG Founder's Prize: Guidelines

1. The Prize was offered first in 2002, the year following Professor Andrew's death.

2. It is intended that the Prize be offered annually.

3. The Prize will be a cash sum of £100 paid from the reserves of the Group together with a congratulatory letter from the current Chairman of the Group. The value of the Prize will be reviewed periodically by the Group Committee and revised to take account of inflation and the reserves of the group.

4. The Prize will be awarded competitively at a meeting of the BRSG nominated by the committee for this purpose.

5. The prize will be awarded to a young scientist, i.e., a current student, or within 5 years of the date of the PhD exam (allowing for career breaks), of any nationality, attending the nominated meeting. The recipient need not be a member of the BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance Group of the Institute of Physics.

6. The Prize will be awarded on the basis of a presentation, either oral or poster at the nominated meeting. A winning presentation must show development in application or method of magnetic resonance.

7. The rules pertaining to the entry and judging of the competition will be at the discretion of the local organiser of the meeting at which the prize is to be awarded during that year. These rules will be formulated having taken the advice of the Group Committee and account of the scope and size of the meeting.

8. The committee and local organiser will ensure that the scope of the nominated meeting and the rules of the competition are not so restrictive as to severely limit entry to the competition to those engaged in an unduly narrow sub-field of magnetic resonance.

9. Following a meeting at which the Prize is offered the local organiser of the meeting will submit a short report to the Group Committee Secretary on the outcome of the competition.

10. If the prize is not awarded at a nominated meeting, or the committee decide not to nominate a meeting, for whatever reason, in any one year, then the Committee may decide (i) an alternate means by which the Prize may be awarded or without an additional restriction of BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance Group membership, however applied, or (ii) not to award the Prize. Alternate means to award the Prize include by judgment of the quality of a paper published in the preceding 12 months.

11. The award of the Prize may be discontinued at the discretion of the Group Committee and will be discontinued should the Group cease to exist.

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