BRSG Founder's Prize

The BRSG Founder's Prize is offered in memory of the late Professor E R Andrew, pioneer of magic angle spinning and other methods in magnetic resonance.

Professor Andrew was founder of the British Radiofrequency Spectroscopy Group, now named IOP BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance Group, and became the first group chair at the inaugural meeting at University College of North Wales, in Bangor, on 27 September 1956.

Terms of reference
The prize is awarded annually on the basis of a presentation, either oral or poster at the nominated meeting. A winning presentation must show development in application or method of magnetic resonance. Further information can be found in the prize guidelines.

The prize will be awarded to a scientist in the first part of their career, that is, a current student, or person within five years of the date of the PhD exam (allowing for career breaks), of any nationality, attending the nominated meeting. The recipient need not be a member of the IOP BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance Group.

Prize amount

The next award meeting will be in 2012.

Previous Recipients

Stefanie Eriksson, Lund University
Poster Presentation, A new PGSE NMR pulse sequence gives isotropic diffusion weighting by magic-angle spinning of the q-vector

Sam Wharton, University of Nottingham
Oral presentation, Detecting Anisotropic Magnetic Susceptibility Effects in High Field MRI: A Novel Technique for Visualising Microstructure in Brain Tissue

Alice Bowen, University of Oxford
Poster presentation, EPR DEER measurements of Cytochrome P450, Ferrodoxin and Ferrodoxin Reductase complexes to determine the docked structures

Andrea Valori, University of Surrey
Poster presentation, In-Situ NMR on Concrete and Trees

Dr Andrew Edmonds, University of Warwick
Poster presentation, The negative nitrogen vacancy hydrogen defect in diamond.

Mr Daniel Lee, University of Nottingham
Oral presentation, SAR-COSY: in-phase COSY spectra for scalar correlations in solids

Luke O'Dell, University of Warwick
Oral presentation, 71Ga MAS NMR: CQ Distribution Width as a Quantitative Measure of Disorder in Ga2O3 Nanocrystals

Dr Alan Wong, University of Warwick
Oral presentation A 17O NMR study of organic solids

Dr Sharon Ashbrook, University of Cambridge
Oral presentation Oxygen-17 Solid-state NMR of High-Pressure Silicate Phases

Dr Kuan Lee, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
Oral presentation Parallel Imaging with Multiple B0 Coils

Dr J P Gorce, University of Surrey
Poster presentation Drying and rewetting of films cast from waterborne colloidal dispersion studied by magnetic resonance profiling

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BRSG Founder's Prize

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