Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to all entries to the IOP Innovation Awards.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before entering the Awards as by entering you will be deemed to have agreed to them.

Nature of the award

In 2016 the Institute intends to recognise and celebrate innovation in physics-based businesses through the IOP Innovation Awards. The Awards will recognise commercial achievements in the application of physics throughout a variety of industry sectors and company sizes.

The Awards will be presented at a high-profile exhibition, where winners will receive their trophy. The exhibition will showcase the successful innovations and provide networking opportunities with policy makers and businesses across industry sectors.


  • Entrants must operate as a company or business unit (of any size) in the UK or Ireland
  • Business must have at least two full-time UK employees or part-time equivalents
  • Entries must be submitted by individuals on behalf of those business units or companies
  • The entry form and additional materials submitted must be authorised by an appropriate representative, eg a board director or, for larger companies, the relevant department/business unit head
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek strong supporting testimonials, as these will form part of the substantiation
  • The application must be made using the forms provided
  • The entry form must be completed and submitted electronically

All sections of the entry form must be completed.
Word limits in sections 6 and 7 of the entry form must be adhered to.

Successful entrants

Successful entrants will be able to demonstrate:

  • Excellence in the innovative application of physics to a product or service

Leading to:

  • Business improvements or growth in terms of turnover or job creation


  • Substantive economic, societal and/or other impact as a result of the innovation

Further information is provided in the guidance notes.

Successful entries will be required to work in collaboration with the Institute of Physics to release a joint press announcement, to attend the exhibition and to produce supporting materials for the exhibition.

Entrants agree that the information provided in support of their entry may be used in the above publicity.

Data protection

Personal data provided with the entry may be held and processed by the Institute of Physics. Download a summary of the Institute's data protection policy.

last edited: February 08, 2016