IOP Innovation Awards

Celebrating companies in the UK and Ireland that have built success on the innovative application of physics.

IOPIA 2015

Physics has been at the heart of innovations from the light bulb to the Large Hadron Collider. Today, physics and physicists drive the success of the best and brightest companies.

The IOP Innovation Awards are the only awards recognising companies in the UK and Ireland that have built success on the innovative application of physics – companies that have generated profit, secured jobs and improved efficiency across a range of sectors, from oil and gas to renewable energy, medical technologies to high-tech manufacturing.

IOP Innovation Awards
Dr Ruth McKernan, Chief Executive of Innovate UK, speaking at the parliamentary reception to celebrate the 2015 Innovation Award winners and M Squared Lasers, one of the 2015 winning companies, receiving their award

Why should your company enter?

The IOP Innovation Awards are a mark of recognition that your company is at the cutting edge of physics and business.

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The winning companies will showcase their innovations at a parliamentary reception and will also attend the IOP awards ceremony in London. This provides a platform for winners to engage with leaders in business, policy-making and academia. The winners will also be given the opportunity to explain the physics behind their innovations and show how this has contributed to their success.

Who can apply for an Innovation Award?

The awards are for companies that operate in the UK or Ireland and have successfully addressed a commercial or business need using a physics-based innovation. Successful entrants will need to be able to demonstrate excellence in application of physics to innovation and substantial economic and/or societal impact as a result of the innovation.

For further details regarding eligibility please see our terms and conditions.

How to apply for an IOP Innovation Awards

Please complete and return the entry form to

  • To be eligible, entrants must operate as a company or business unit (of any size) in the UK or Ireland
  • Business must have at least two full-time UK employees or part-time equivalents
  • The entry form and additional materials submitted must be authorised by an appropriate representative, eg a board director or, for larger companies, the relevant department/business unit head
  • One or two testimonials must be provided in support of the entry (see testimonial form for further guidance)

Please visit our how to enter page for further details.


Make sure you submit your application by 27 May 2016.