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For the development of a solar-cell prototyping platform.

Before this innovation, and despite the established worldwide community working on next-generation solar cells, there were no supply chains or prototyping platforms available to provide the specific components required for this work. This meant that instead of being able to focus solely on making scientific advances, the solar-cell research community was spending substantial amounts of time and money on designing and sourcing the components that they needed.

Ossila’s founders recognised this problem and built the company to address it. They developed the substrates, materials, masks and test boards to provide a solar-cell prototyping platform capable of producing world-class results.

By handling the design and procurement processes, Ossila has enabled research to be significantly sped up and simplified, which lowers the barrier-to-entry for students new to the field. Funding for solar-cell research goes further with our cost-effective platform. Moreover, our standardised photovoltaic reference architectures and procedures result in reliable, reproducible data to use as a confident baseline of performance. Through Ossila’s system of coherent, complementary materials and test equipment, researchers can be assured that their fabrication process has been optimised for the best results.

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