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MR Solutions

For the development of the first commercially available preclinical, helium-free high-field MRI imaging systems.

Previously, high-field MRI scanners (those with a strength of more than 3T) required huge magnets bathed in liquid helium, an emergency venting system and their own room:  meaning they were both expensive and required a lot of space to install.

MR Solutions’ research has developed a range of preclinical multi-modality MRI scanners that no longer require liquid helium to cool the magnets enough to achieve superconductivity. The company has developed a novel magnet design that only needs a readily available cryocooler unit to achieve the very low temperature required.

This technology has many benefits: it has halved the price, improved the imaging quality, reduced the stray magnetic field from metres to a few centimetres and almost halved the footprint for the lab. Combined multi-modality imaging technologies, such as MRI with PET or SPECT, can be incorporated either for simultaneous imaging or sequentially for more accurate comparative results. The scanner can also be wheeled in without the need to strengthen the floors or install emergency venting systems. MR Solutions’ range of 3T to 9.4T MRI compact scanners are now being offered to research laboratories across the world.

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