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Rolls Royce

For the development of the Embedded Electrical Starter Generator (E2SG).

A Rolls-Royce team has designed, integrated and tested a power-dense electrical motor generator embedded within the inhospitable confines of an aerospace gas turbine engine. The project showed that the technology can reliably start the engine and deliver electrical power for the aircraft, while housed in a high-vibration, high-temperature environment and running over a wide range of speeds. Innovative applications of physics in both electromagnetism and heat transfer has resulted in a successful demonstration programme that leads the way in bringing electrical hybrid concepts to an aerospace business with an ever more electric future.

Aerospace customers are asking how to improve integration between the propulsion and electrical power systems to supply the inexorably increasing electrical demands and capitalise on benefits to system-level technical performance and operational efficiency. Research into embedding the electrical machine presents opportunities to streamline the engine profile, minimising space constraints within the airframe, and to replace traditional mechanical units such as the fuel and oil accessories for electrical counterparts, which can provide novel flexible operations.

This project starts the journey with a crucial enabling capability which, when expanded, can bring increased engine efficiencies, responsiveness and disruptive innovations relating to the fundamentals of operating a gas turbine.

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