Commended Innovation

Awarded to businesses for outstanding innovative applications of physics that push technological boundaries or develop bespoke solutions to market challenges, opening up new opportunities for discovery or market creation.

Airbus Defence and Space
For the development of the LISA Pathfinder satellite and measurement equipment that is sensitive enough to detect gravitational waves.
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Aqua Cooling Solutions
For the development of their Leak Prevention System, which enables data centres to benefit from water-cooled data cabinets with guaranteed, continuous, leak-free operation.
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For the development of novel CCD imaging detectors with enhanced X-rays and near infra-red sensitivity to capture more detail in biological nanostructures and remote astronomical objects.
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For the development of the Sentimag System – a minimally-invasive surgical guidance system for the management of cancer.
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Tesla Engineering
For the development of compact superconducting magnets for medical applications, enabling the more widespread use of proton-beam therapy for cancer treatment.
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