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For the development of the Sentimag System – a minimally invasive surgical guidance system for the management of cancer.

The traditional technique for locating sentinel lymph nodes involves injecting a radioisotope that is filtered out by the first nodes to drain the primary tumour and then located using a gamma-ray detecting probe. There are workflow and safety concerns using radioactive pharmaceuticals and these add to the stress and concern already felt by the patient./p>

Endomag has developed a unique clinical platform that uses magnetic fields to power diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Sentimag and Sienna+ form a minimally invasive surgical guidance system to address unmet needs in workflow efficiency, availability and affordability for surgical oncology. Sentimag, the foundation of the system, is the world’s most sensitive handheld magnetic probe. Sienna+ is a superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle that collects in lymph nodes first in line to drain from a tumour. Sentimag is sensitive enough to detect even minute quantities of the magnetic material, enabling clinicians to locate a cancer and check for any spread.

Endomag’s initial focus is on improving the management of breast cancer, but clinicians have since adopted its products for other cancers including prostate, colon, endometrial and melanoma. Endomag’s products have now treated more than 14,000 breast cancer patients in more than 30 countries. The company continues to develop its products for the diagnosis and therapy of other cancers.

The company

Endomag is a pioneer in the use of magnetism for minimally invasive surgical guidance. By addressing unmet needs in availability, affordability and workflow efficiency for surgical oncology, Endomag supports its mission to improve the global standard of cancer care for everyone, everywhere.

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