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For the development of their Leak Prevention System, which enables data centres to benefit from water-cooled data cabinets with guaranteed continuous, leak-free operation.

High-performance computing is vital to both industry and academia – powerful data centres are being used across a wide range of sectors. Data centres generate a great deal of waste heat, which leads to either very high temperatures or rooms that are inefficiently continuously air-conditioned. One solution to this problem is water-cooling, however, there can be risks involved in this approach: if a system failed, the circulating fluid would be forced out of the circuit, spraying water over the floor or the equipment. This could lead to flooding and/or damage to hardware or infrastructure, loss of data and impact on revenues and investment.

Aqua Cooling Solutions’s Leak Prevention System (LPS) allows for water-cooling while removing the associated risks. The LPS uses the Venturi effect – when fluid flows through a constricted section of a pipe, there is a reduction in pressure – and the principle that water under negative pressure cannot escape through a hole or breach in pipework, hose or joint. The LPS has been designed so that, when there is a breach, air is drawn into an air separator – without affecting the negative pressure of the rest of the water in the system – enabling the rest of the water cooling system to continue to function even in the case of a breach.

Aqua Cooling Solutions have so far sold 79 units, generating around £1.7m profit and opening up new markets in the US, Middle East and Africa. By making water cooling a viable option for data centres, Aqua Cooling Solutions is also promoting a more environmentally friendly approach of heat management.

The company

Aqua Cooling Solutions are the UK’s leading specialist in industrial and commercial process-cooling solutions and associated products and services. Based in Fareham, Hampshire they provide professional industrial cooling solutions for the agriculture, automotive, computing, food/ beverage, metal finishing, packaging, pharmaceutical and plastics/rubber sectors.

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