IOP Innovation Awards 2014 winners

The winners of the IOP Innovation Awards 2014 have developed products and processes that have generated profit, secured jobs and improved efficiency across many sectors.

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd
For developing and commercialising an optical carbon dioxide gas sensor. The low-power sensor allows for greater accuracy and energy savings for customers in a range of markets.
Gooch & Housego
For the development of a fibre-coupled acousto-optic modulator device for integration into fibre-laser systems. The Fiber-Q is used to modify the laser beam in systems used in a range of markets and applications, from oil and gas security to medical lasers.
Magnox Ltd
For developing and implementing an innovative method of refuelling the Wylfa nuclear power station Reactor 1. The transfer of fuel from Reactor 2 has allowed for continued energy generation at the site.
For the development of a missile-system upgrade which combined two guidance modes for greater precision. The innovation has provided new capability for UK and coalition armed forces.

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