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Simpleware Ltd

For the development and commercialisation of a physics-based computer modelling package which has brought significant benefits to the aerospace, advanced engineering and medical technology sectors.

The ability to construct computer models of real life systems, and to then manipulate them and see how they interact with other components and their surroundings, has enabled faster and more efficient manufacturing, cheaper testing and better products.

The standard techniques to create such computer models are based on first knowing the precise measurements of all aspects of a system. This is not always possible, for example in the case of the human body or mechanical components that have experienced wear. Simpleware have brought traditional techniques of physics-based modelling together with advanced scanning technologies, to develop ScanIP, a package that can use a scan of an object to create a computer model.

Using the ScanIP software, companies can simplify and reduce the cost of product testing by replacing physical trials with early virtual tests. The product is an advance in computer-aided engineering and is being used by many companies and numerous research institutes in sectors ranging from oil and gas to medical devices to advanced manufacturing.

The company

Simpleware’s product range is based on research undertaken as part of an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council fellowship, which was successfully transferred from a university setting into a viable commercial entity. The company is based in Exeter, where product development and support is based, with an additional office in the USA.

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