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Elekta Ltd

For the development of a novel multi-leaf collimator for use in radiation therapy. The innovation is at the heart of a range of successful products, enabling safer and more efficient cancer patient treatment.

Radiotherapy has revolutionised the treatment of cancer, providing a direct and effective tool to address treatment areas. It is a challenge to those administering the treatments to ensure that they are as safe and comfortable as possible for the patient.

Agility, developed by the Elekta team at Crawley, West Sussex is a novel device which enables rapid and precise ‘shaping’ of the treatment beam to meet these challenges. The product of many years of research and development, built on an understanding of the properties of electromagnetic radiation and material science, the flexible, optically-controlled ‘leaf and diaphragm’ design of the device allows exact beam shapes to be produced quickly, to enable focussed treatments and more controllable doses.

Since being introduced to hospitals, Agility has enabled clinics to deliver a variety of treatment techniques more efficiently and reliably, with many patients benefiting from high-precision, faster treatments and reduced unwanted doses.

The company

Elekta Limited is part of the Elekta AB group, whose oncology and neurosurgery solutions are used in over 6000 hospitals worldwide. Physicists based in Crawley worked as part of a large multi-disciplinary team, including clinical partners at Leeds and Middlesbrough, to develop the Agility device

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