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For developing and commercialising a portable 'scanning mobility particle sizer' for use in atmospheric physics, occupational health and environmental monitoring.

The ability to monitor particle size and properties is essential when investigating the impact of aerosols and other nanoparticles on human health or the environment. Being able to characterise these particles in situ is central to effective environmental monitoring.

The size, weight, and complexity of typical particle sizing instruments have confined measurements to the laboratory. Through innovations including the development of a compact differential mobility analyser and a miniature Condensation Particle Counter with surface measuring capability, the Naneum device provides the same sensitivity and selectivity for particle size distribution measurements to be made in the field.

The Naneum product enables in situ environmental monitoring, bringing the technology to a wider variety of users for whom fixed laboratory instruments are not practical. The device is being utilized across a range of markets to provide better and more reliable evaluation of pollution and its associated health risks.

The company
Naneum Ltd was founded in 2005 with the aim of developing easy to use instruments for in situ measurements of airborne nanoparticles. The company has laboratories and workshops at the Canterbury Innovation Centre in Kent, where it develops, manufactures and markets its instruments. The Nano-ID device was developed with support from the National Physical Laboratory.

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