Dr Paul Nailor
Dr Paul Nailor is founder and principal of CheM&A; working with private equity investee companies, chemical manufacturing clients and restructuring consultancies providing specialist strategic advice. Dr Nailor has a PhD in particle physics and laser holography and holds Master’s Degrees from Oxford and Cambridge.

Dr Nailor has accumulated some 20 years’ experience as a strategist and financial professional. Dr Nailor has held posts at an extensive array of companies including but not limited to PA Technology; as a founding member of Generics Group Plc (now Sagentia) a business and technology consultancy, a range of top international investment banks, chemical manufacturer Elementis PLC, Corporate Development International (CDI) and currently serves on IOP Membership and Qualifications Board and as a non-executive director of IOP Publishing.

Dr Alec Reader
Dr Reader has over 30 years’ experience in the micro and nano-electronics industries, working most recently at Innos and Polymer Vision. He is credited with establishing Innos at the forefront of industrial R&D, championing the company’s ability to bridge the gap between emergent technologies and commercial exploitation.

His tenure at Innos was a continuation of a successful career that includes prominent positions as International Marketing Manager and Head of Department at ST-Microelectronics and Business-Line Manager at Philips Analytical (Semiconductors). Prior to developing a business oriented career, Dr Reader was a post-doctoral fellow at Delft Technical University and spent about 15 years at Philips Research and Philips Semiconductors in Eindhoven.

His achievements include over 140 published technical papers, along with many review articles and key patents. Dr Reader holds a PhD in Materials Science (Solid State Physics) from the University of Birmingham (UK) and a BSc (Hons) in Physics. He is a member of the Institute of Physics, Institute of Materials, Institute of Engineering & Technology, the IEEE, and the Institute of Directors. He is also a non-Executive Director of Jemi (UK) Ltd, the UK Semiconductors Trade Association.

Sandra Sassow
Sandra Sassow is CEO and co-founder of SEaB Energy. SEaB Energy has designed, manufactured and filed for a worldwide patent on a micro anaerobic digestion (AD) solution in a shipping container. Sandra’s previous appointments include Managing Director of the International Division at Optical Technology Group, and Commercial Sales at EMC.

Sandra holds a BSc in Biology (specialising in Micro-biology) and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Sandra has launched a number of innovative world-class divisions and companies where she has led high performance teams to achieve significant global profitable revenue growth and market thought leadership.

Don Spalinger
Don Spalinger is director at Research and Innovation Services at the University of Southampton. His ten year relationship with the University of Southampton began with his licensing of University technology in the formation of Southampton Photonics, Inc. (SPI), SPI’s funding of on-going research programs, and its leveraging of University technology to become world leaders in fibre lasers. In 2000, he was a driving force in the founding of SPI, leading the team in defining the company and its products and raising over $50 million in first round venture capital.

Prior to SPI, Don founded four other high tech companies: On-Stream Networking (acquired by 3Com for broadband access), Connexus (in a joint venture with Toshiba to form SpanWorks), Optical Networking Inc. (one of the first wireless LANs), and Kylex (pioneered large area, flat panel, display technology). Don has held senior management positions at The Gartner Group, DSC Communications, Racal, and Exxon.