Atoms to Galaxies

22 September 2017 | Source: Atoms to Galaxies

With the support of the IoP's Yorkshire Branch, the Atoms to Galaxies event, part of the annual Pint of Science festival, was held at the Walmgate Ale House in York.

Across the three nights, there were seven speakers giving an insight into their research and a total of 120 members of the public. The talks ranged all the way from the nanoscale all the way up to cosmic distances.

Professor Thomas Krauss started the first night with a talk explaining the problem of Antimicrobial Resistance and how he is helping to combat it with his photonic biosensors. Then, Dr. Florent Seichepine from Imperial College gave a talk titled "From Nanomaterials to Electronic Nanodevices" exploring his work creating electronic devices from Carbon Nanotubes. Finally, Dr. Roger Collebeck gave a talk titled "Do Atoms Behave Randomly" looking at the random nature of the quantum world and the implications this has for Quantum Communications.

Dr. Christoph Baumann from Biology gave a talk on Micromachines in human cells titled "Honey I Shrunk the Machine" and Professor Keith Wilson from Chemistry explained how X-Rays can be used to determine the structure of proteins and other molecules.

Finally, Dr. Ed Daw (Physics at Sheffield) talked about his work at the LIGO collaboration and how they made the first Observation of Gravitational Waves. To end the final evening Dr. Emily Brunsden took the audience on a prospective travel tour of the recently discovered Exoplanets detailing what it might be like to visit them and the extraordinary cost of traveling there (if space technology allowed).

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