Pint of Science

22 September 2017

Pint of Science is a festival of science held in pubs and bars around the world each May.

This year, five pubs around Leeds city centre welcomed an audience of 700 people over three nights to join University of Leeds researchers in learning about and celebrating science.

There was a wide range of topics on offer, including the Atoms to Galaxies and Tech Me Out themes, sponsored by the IoP Yorkshire Branch. The public heard talks from physicists about current research happening at their local university. The talks on offer included Prof Helen Gleeson sharing results and new technology from her research into liquid crystals, Dr Oscar Cespedes with an insight into the magnetic materials of the future, and Dr Catherine Walsh guiding us through molecules in interstellar space.

Live experiments and hands-on demonstrations brought the topics to life. Audiences had the chance to tackle the clean room suit challenge to get a feel for working in a nano-fabrication lab, and could try their hand identify gases found in distance stars using spectroscopy. The events had a great atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and chat about science with speakers and volunteers over a drink.

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