World of Physics 2011

5 July 2011

World of Physics continues to be our most successful and high profile outreach event.

This year, it was kindly hosted by the University of Sheffield on 20 and 21 June. Over 150 schoolchildren (mostly year 10) from as far afield as Halifax and Scunthorpe attended the event. 

The vast majority of those attending did not have parents who had taken part in higher education, thus satisfying our widening participation aims.

The opening lecture on “Is the earth unique?” was given by the branch chair, David Jenkins. 

This was followed by a series of hands-on workshops offered by the four Yorkshire Universities. 

Hull provided a liquid nitrogen workshop where the participants made their own ice cream with liquid nitrogen. 

Leeds brought their workshop on Polymers. Sheffield ran a workshop on searching for extraterrestrial life. York ran two workshops on optics and magnetic recording. 

Some philosophers from York also attended and ran a workshop on the Philosophy of Physics.

As always, the event was very well received and the feedback was excellent, with many commenting that it had changed their views of physics and made them feel challenged. 

Many reported feeling more positive about going to university.

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