New exhibition in York on art and science

15 March 2011

A new exhibition exploring the complex and often problematic relationship between art and science will run from 5 to 31 March at Bar Lane Studios, 1 Bar Lane, YO1 6JU, York.

Frédérique Swist image

Spheres of Accuracies/Zones of Truth comprises of selected artworks from, among others, artist and senior graphic designer for the academic physics publisher IOP Publishing (part of the Institute of Physics).

The exhibition, jointly organised by the Faculty of Arts of York St John University and Bar Lane Studios, also includes the work of artists Greg Bright, Tracey Holland and Luke Jerram, asks challenging questions of truth and knowledge, presentation and representation, and objectivity and neutrality. Work by the four featured artists spans various media, including light installation, digital print, painting, drawing and glasswork.

Frédérique Swist’s work has already been exhibited in Bristol, London, Budapest and St Petersburg, and commissioned by the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, University of Bristol, Aston University, and York St John University. For more information on the exhibition, visit Frédérique Swist’s website.

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