Galactic Gig comes to Yorkshire

10 January 2011

On Tuesday 30 November, the Lancashire and Cumbria Branch of the IOP strayed in Yorkshire to give their popular “Galactic Gig” show at Giggleswick school near Settle.

The finale of the Galactic Gig went off with a colourful bang!

This show demonstrates waves and sound mixed in with lots of interesting facts about the solar system in a lively and exciting manner. The show took place in the recently completed Richard Whiteley theatre and primary school children from other local schools also attended the event.

 The show was followed by some physics demonstrations supplied by the Lancashire and Cumbria Branch and by Giggleswick school with the assistance of the head of science, Dr Paul Hucknall.

The experiments included:

  • Electrostatics with a van der Graaf generator
  • Angular momentum with a rotating chair
  • Sound and vibration with Chladni plates, Ruben flame tube and other fascinating experiments
  • Chris Bowdery of the Lancashire and Cumbria Branch also demonstrated a digital camera which takes 3D pictures

Finally, the schools were presented with a large book about the Cosmos and the children gave the event organisers and participants a loud hip-hip hurray as a send off!

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